Spooky at Slieve GullionSunday the 27th October saw a spooky gathering at Slieve Gullion forrest of over 160 creepy witches, ghosts, vampires, mad doctors, werewolves and many other scary little monsters.

Local people visiting the forest ran for cover and scrambled for their mobile phones to call the police but the terrifying number of tiny monsters wasn’t an alien invasion.

It was of course the clubs annual sponsored walk. It was clear, that a lot of time and effort went into preparing those spine-chilling costumes and applying the fantastic make up.

The rain stayed away long enough for the kids and their parents to walk around the eerie forest trail before having a great time in the park.

We would like to thank all of those who braved the cold for getting into the spirit and taking part and in doing so raising much needed funds for the club.