At the start of the 2013 season the current U11 (2003) squad where set a challenge by coaches Barry Doran and Damien Hillen. If one of the squad could manage 100 toe taps the coaches would take the entire team to Mc Donalds as a reward. Every third week after training the players would gather and one by one they would attempt the challenge. At the start many of the players did well and quite a few managed to score in excess of 30. It became obvious very quickly that the players were clearly practising regularly on their own. Many in the group started to increase their scores, 30 became 50, which then became 70 and soon players were scoring over 90 but just never managed the magic 100. Three weeks ago Jamie Doran one of the brightest young talents at the club who plays for the U11 team and is also eligible for the U10 2004 squad managed to get over the 100 target. On Saturday following a hard fought win over Loughgall the U11's enjoyed a team trip to the local restaurant as a reward. The coaches, who are deciding on a new challenge for the New Year were delighted with the groups progress and it clearly shows what can be done with practice, patience and hard work. Well done to all the boys and especially Jamie.